Abit confirms it's going for ATI

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Jan 12, 2004
  1. After a week of darkness about the unseemly row between Abit and Nvidia, we've just received a statement in which it announced its partnership with ATI.
    It seems that Abit won't use ATI reference design cards and that it will introduce an Abit engineered ATI VGA card, possibly powered with its OTES cooling solutions later on.

    Abit will offer mainstream Radeon 9600XT and top end Radeon 9800XT cards and it is preparing for a next generation of cards including the R420 Loki card and future PCI Express solutions as well.

    Read more: The Inquirer.
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Abit will still continue to tweak BIOSes for its nForce boards but other then that they will no longer collaborate with nVidia.

    I wonder what happened. It seems so sudden. nVidia doesn't give any illusions of a nice company anymore it seems.
  3. ---agissi---

    ---agissi--- TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,978   +15

    Seems like nVidia is walking further and further down the road 3DFX took :eek:
  4. BrownPaper

    BrownPaper TS Rookie Posts: 407

    the curse of 3dfx. stay away from it at all costs! (j/k)

    hopefully Nvidia will get their act together.
  5. werty316

    werty316 TS Rookie Posts: 185

    It looks like it is downhill for Nvidia unless they can pull something off.
  6. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    From what I've "heard" so far, it would seem that Abit wanted to move from producing only nvidia cards to produce cards for both Ati and Nvidia...
    Nvidia didn't like this, and said they'd increase the price-per-chip if Abit did this...
    Abit said "bye bye" to nvidia, since it didn't want to pay more than it had to for it's chips, and were welcomed by Ati with open arms...

    There's even been a statement from ATi which I'll try to find...
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