Acer Predator X27U OLED Review: 1440p 240Hz Gaming Monitor

The console crowd will not be happy at all with only HDMI 2.0. While most of the Ultrawides don't have 2.1 ports either, consoles (to my knowledge) don't support that aspect ratio anyway, so it's a much smaller sin than being missing on a 16:9 monitor - especially in this price range.

Swing and a miss for Acer.
This is the worst monitor I've ever had.

The auto dimming "feature" is absolutely insufferable.

This monitor pops up a notification in game.. periodically that the user is not able to disable.

Acer clearly doesn't understand that users want to be able to have control over their hardware.

Popping up notifications in the middle of games and dimming the brightness without the users consent is clearly unacceptable.

I'm warning you... do not buy this monitor if you are a serious gamer. There are way better options on the market.