Adware issues

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I'm a new comer and for the past couple days I've been having ad ware issues. My newest beef is that some sort of program is hyperlinking random words on pages like 'cat', 'adult' and other such things...does anyone know what this is or how to get rid of it?? Please? My next question is in regards to my hijackthis log. I'm just wondering if theres any issues on here that you can see that need to be fixed. Please email me for a copy of my log because i cannot post it because of the fact that the hyperlinks come up in my log and it wont allow me to post...PLEASE HELP ME!!


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First of all :wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

Now for your question regarding adaware, those simple words being highlited is a new form of advertising. It isn't anything wrong with your computer. TechSpot uses this as a non obtrusive form of advertising, and it helps us get away from annoying pop ups.


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As Poertner said, a lot of sites use this form of advertising now. You can also run Ad-aware and Spybot. If you haven't heard about these apps, they are excellent programs for detecting and getting rid of spyware and adware.
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