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All music plays with a stutter

By tepeco ยท 4 replies
Jun 16, 2007
  1. I hope that this is in the right section. It may not even be a computer problem since the problem is solved when the computer is relocated, however I could sure use a suggestion on who might have an answer.

    When I play any music, whether stored on the HD, play a commercial music CD or a home burned CD, at some point about 30 seconds into the music, it takes a 1/2 second long stutter followed by a very short slow-down (much like dragging your finger on a vinyl record as it plays), then the music plays normally for maybe 1 minute or so. The periods between the stuttering is random.

    Now, I have 6 computers in my office network. This is happening on every PC in the offices. To test the possibilities, I burned a fresh CD and played it on every PC. The stuttering took place as usual, randomly, each time it was played. I took it out to my car and played it. There was no stuttering.

    I packed up my PC and took it home to my home office. I set it up and played music again. There was no stuttering. Music from the HD, commercial CD and my home-burns all played fine.

    The only variable here is the electricity. Each PC is plugged into a UPS unit so I suspect the lines are clean coming in. I know electricity can be dirty, but I've talked to two expert electricians and they have both looked at me like I was nuts. They think that this is not an electrical problem. So here I am, in that impossible spot, with a problem that just defies all logic. There must be an answer...

    Can anyone suggest who might be capable of answering such a problem?
  2. M_Jones

    M_Jones TS Rookie Posts: 52

    I know this sounds odd but you dont have roadworks or any building work near you by any chance? I had a wierd problem like this when there was a lot of groundwork being done outside my house. As soon as the builders packed up and left it was fine.
  3. tepeco

    tepeco TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    No, there's nobody working around my building. We just moved into this location a couple of weeks ago and it would appear to me that the problem is within this building. The building is a 20 year old commercial site, strangely enough, previously occupied by an electrical service company. I had no such problems prior to moving in.

    I have an appointment for an electrical survey next week to find out if this location has some odd problem. So far, everyone thinks I have a fertile imagination.
  4. tepeco

    tepeco TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    I'm bumping this back up... The problem still exists and I have had no luck finding a solution. Nobody in tech support for any hardware or software will help because it isn't a problem with their product. The only possibility is electricity in my opinion, but I can't find anyone that's advanced in both audio and electrical problems combined.

    It's very irritating to play a finished program for a customer and they hear the glitch and think their program is bad. They leave with a feeling that I've made an excuse for poor work.

    Anyone know an electrical troubleshooter that knows as much about audio signals?

  5. tepeco

    tepeco TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    Okay, I found the problem. From square one, all power off except PC and monitor directly to the wall and all devices disconnected, all programs stopped, except what was necessary to operate the system. Music played fine.

    I began adding things... and found it. The problem is between the network adapters and the router. It is Netgear WNR834B router. The adapters at each computer is a mixture of D-Link and Netgear so since the music is disturbed at each of the computers, the only common link is the router. These all have the new "N" technology, not the "G".

    When I played music and plugged in the adapter at the PC station, exactly 1 minute later, I got a series of stutters lasting 4 seconds. This happened again, exactly 1 minute later and continued at that interval. This, by the way, is with the network router on. I just realized, that the router has been on throughout my testing. This prompted me to go unplug the router. This was an eye opener... Once the router was unplugged, the music played fine with the PCs adapter unplugged. Then I plugged the adapter in and the problem became crazy. The stuttering and audio slowdown was pronounced, continued sporatically and frantically with no breaks. The damned thing was seeking a signal from the router and since it was unplugged, it was trying harder!

    This was repeatable. That's it. It's a seeking signal, apparently sent out by each adapter to check on the connection once every minute. Previously, I thought it was random, however it was my imagination and lack of total attention to the details. This time, I was methodical and exacting.

    Now just for grins, I ran CAT5 cable between the router and two PCs to see what would happen. Music was undisturbed. CAT5 is okay. While playing music, I hotplugged an adapter into the wired PC and it immediately started affecting the music.

    That's it. It is the wireless communication between the adapter and router (D-Link or Netgear, it didn't matter what combination). Anyone out there have similar gear? Try it out and see if you can repeat this.

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