ATI Radeon 9550: "Out Of Resources"

By stevenazari
Aug 30, 2006
  1. Hello all :) my second post on this site :D (first being my big hello ;) )

    ok so here is my problem

    I had an NVIDIA Card in my pc and got myself a Radeon 9550 (nicked it from my parents pc)

    I have a DFI Infinity motherboard and it seems compatible (as windows loads fine)

    my problem is a driver issue as the 9550 has 2 devices listed in device manager:

    Radeon 9550
    Radeon 9550 Secondary.

    Now when I have installed the drivers mid way through it says "an error has occured installing one of your devices and may not function properly"

    so at the end of it all it asks me to restart. so I restart and everything LOOKS fine.... but checking device manager the little /!\ is there next to secondary. Checking the resources tab I see that there is not enough resources for the device to function. so I checked my system information (help center in start and typed system information in the search box) and clicked on "view more information on your hardware" it pulled up my device information and what drivers they are using. and both the Radeon 9550 and 9550 secondary are using the same driver "ATI2MTAG.inf" (I think its .inf....) so I thought that could be 1 error. there is also the possibility of IRQ's. Now as I found that they are using the same driver, I disabled the "Radeon 9550" and restarted. the secondary now works perfectly fine (but of course we have the bad res on the screen ;) ) so I know that the actual card is conflicting with itself.....

    now I have a few more ideas on why Im getting resource conflicts:

    1. My old card was 128 card and bios setting was at 128, this may POSSIBLY be a 256 card and the bios is still saying 128, not giving enough memory (unlikely) (yet to check)
    2. My CMOS needs resetting (yet to check)

    I have tried constantly uninstalling the drivers and manually installing drivers, I have even manually searched my hard drive for other ati drivers (as I am presuming it has failed to install a set of drivers for either Radeon 9550 or Radeon 9550 Secondary.) but to no avail.

    I cant change the IRQ numbers as windows thinks its either NOT a plug and play device (it is isnt it?) or the 1 that is disabled wont let me because... well its not enabled :p

    Does anyone know what I can do - I am at a loss, I've gone right the way through these forums using search and even gone to page 104 in the multimedia forums.... but I cant find anyone with my problem that has actually got it working and those that have failed to say how they did it (one posted a dead link. thanks :p)

    anyway guys I really hope you can help me....

    I dont have internet in my house so I will be getting my bro to check later.... thanks

  2. riekmaharg2

    riekmaharg2 TS Rookie Posts: 137

    Do you actualy need to use both primary and secondary. I'm guessing that you only have one monitor so you dont need both to function anyway. radeon secondary is just for a second monitor.
  3. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,210   +525

    I think you might be overly concerned about what appears to be two graphics devices. It's a non-problem. The Device Manager shows two because the graphics card has two outputs where you can potentially connect two monitors. With regard to graphics drivers, you don't have to worry about drivers for one or the other because the driver files account for both outputs. The output connectors are not dealt with separately.
  4. stevenazari

    stevenazari TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42


    ok this is odd, I changed the agp apperture to 256 instead of 128 and now both devices are working (according to device manager).... thing is I know its a 128mb card??? will this damage my card or pc in general in any way? Im happy with the results (as it was the first thing I tried when I got home)

    I believe secondary is for outputting to the tv (does so rather nice in all fairness.)

    I dont suppose anyone has an answer as to why its letting me do this?
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