autochk.exe not found in xp

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What I did was to purchase a new hard drive and then copy my partition from the old drive to the new one. When I did it didnt work so I figured I would do a clean install on the new drive and just transfer files from the old one as a slave. Now I cant see the old drive in win explorer. It shows up in the device manager but not in my computer or explorer. So, i reverted back to the old drive to back it up and format it but during startup it says it cant find the autochk.exe. I put in the XP Install disk to access it from dos and copy the file from another computer and replace it but it wont except it. Does any one have any ideas that I am missing???? I need about 15Gb of info from that drive. Please help me....


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From what I've found in a google search, the following appears semi relevant. One from TS archives, even! (/me marks up bonus kudos for me.)

Also, try booting on the install disk, and running a chkdsk /r on your drive. It sounds to me like you have corruption, based on the symptoms you're telling us.

Also, if you can provide the EXACT error message, that might help us to help you some.

Hope this helps somehow.

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Same problem

I have the same error. Only I have Linux set up to dual boot, so I can edit my old hard disk. I think my file got displaced my partition magic while making room for Linux. Anybody got the files I need to fix it, a link to where I can get them. It would help a lot, as I have a report due this week, and the files are on that partition (linux can't read .rtf files).


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Found you an .rtf editor for Linux

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Hi everybody!
I'm one of all those having trouble with not finding autochk.exe at start up.
Hope for some solution.
I know this is an old post, but just by chance someone may need this answer: I was having this same message at boot,
but my system still booted up normally. That's what brought me to this forum. My answer was simple. I was using that
wonderful program "autoruns" available at technet. What i did not realize was, I had inadvertently turned off autochk.exe
at boot with "autoruns". After I turned it back on, the message was not there at restart. Hope this helps someone.
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