Avgtdix.sys BSOD

By ardy2d
Oct 9, 2010
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  1. I have about a 6 year old desktop dell dimension 4700

    I have had an annoying problem with BSOD
    which gave a message blaming AVGTDIX.SYS

    I did lots of research trying to figure it out, and now
    for me at least, I seem to have a rather unexpected solution

    I tried all the obvious fixes... virus and malware scans
    chkdsk in case it was a disk problem
    I tried re-installing avg virus
    I tried finding the seemingly corrupt file....
    all got me nowhere

    finally I decided to give up on AVG, and replace it with another virus SW
    And the first thing that happened was another BSOD
    but this time not mentioning avgtdix.sys
    so it seemed to me that AVG was not the problem

    I thought that was very strange
    then I remembered that a couple of years ago I replaced
    the mother board --- some unknown issue caused it to be unreliable

    In the process of doing the transplant
    I noticed lots and lots of dust in the machine.

    and it occurred to me that maybe the motherboard problem
    was related to all the dust
    although since I put in a new motherboard, the dust issue was only
    speculation in the end

    Anyway, to finish the story I took out the memory chips on my machine
    and cleaned the contact strips

    My first effort was wiping across the contacts lengthwise
    the machine would not boot up after that effort.
    scared me good

    then I took out the memory again
    and this time wiped the contacts pulling
    parallel to the contacts and off the chip
    I could feel gunk coming off in my finger tips

    And, after that, my machine has worked fine with no BSOD


    I am no expert or anything
    but just wanted to share the story for what ever value it may have.

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