Back up? Erase XP and fresh install XP or wipe off HD due to unsolved BSOD?

By firyspell
Jul 28, 2009
  1. hi,

    i want to fresh install xp pro on my thinkpad T42 notebook due to BSOD, my Question is

    what is simple and fastest way to back up all stuff no my computer....

    2ndly... should i wipe off hard drive with software like " kill the disk " or some other software You guys recommend before fresh install....

    3rdly, instead of wiping off HD, is it possible to erase or uninstall current OS XP vista SP3 and then reinstall new OS XP PRO.

    thx for ur help
  2. B00kWyrm

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    fresh install xp pro on thinkpad T42 notebook

    I found apricorn's utiltity to be very good.
    I also found WD's hard drive utility to be excellent, but I cannot say if it will work with your drive.
    I am assuming the system is non-booting at present.
    The above solutions are worth trying...
    Unless you suspect some extremely serious malware issues, this should not be needed.
    Even then, it might be best simply to replace the drive. Drives are not very expensive these days.
    erm... XP vista SP3? Did you mean Home ?
    If yes, then yes.

    If you meant Vista, not XP... then in general it would depend upon driver availability.
    There could be some cases where "downgrading" would be difficult.
    In your case...
    the laptop shipped with either Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 2000

    So I would think there would be no major issues "upgrading" from Home to Pro.
    See here...
    This upgrade path is, as I understand it, not dependent upon driver availability.
    It is more a matter of expanding functionality of the OS.

    If, on the other hand you are intending to upgrade to xp pro 64-bit...
    Then it is a matter of whether your hardware will work with the os.
    Does not indicate that this system is compatible with a 64-bit OS.

    This site ...
    Has instructions for installation of the various OS packages that will work with your system.
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