Bill and Melinda Gates to seek a divorce after 27 years of marriage

Or, women and marriages were also used for political relations, while the social status of women was non-existent in the patriarchal society.
In our days women are finally being recognized as humans as are men, with existence and freedom and thoughts not less important than of men.
A woman can decide she doesn't want to be in a certain relationship, and there shouldn't be any doubt or discussion to whether she can or can't choose what she wants.

The existence of women who use the law to unethically take what does not belong to them from their ex-partners, is a totally different unrelated phenomenon, which needs to be taken care of.

Marriage, whether I think is something that is needed or not, is not the core problem. Unethical people are. The law needs to be smarter.


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I wonder who the boy was who Bill Gates was seeing that caused his wife to leave him... as anybody some more info