Blue screen after log on

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Nov 15, 2008
  1. After i enter my user name and password in xp home edition it says loading your setting then just boots up to a blank blue screen with no icons or task bar if i log on with my daughters details it goes to a blank white screen i have tried right clicking on the desk top tom save the settings but nothing happens.I can log on in safe mode and it boots up OK.
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    Since you can get into safe mode look in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump and if there are any files in there upload 3-4 of the most recent minidump files and we will be more than happy to look them over for you and try to resolve this issue.

    Also, System specs would help out a lot.

    Operating system
    Computer make/model
    Video card, if not intergrated
    Ammount/Brand of RAM
  3. bernieuk1

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    mini dump files

    Thanks for you help,the spec is as follows

    Motherboard Asus i am not sure whicn model
    CPU AMB Athlon 1700+1.47 Ghz
    Elixir 512 mb ram
    Nvidia GeForce MX420 Graphics card
    O/S XP Home 2002 Service Pack 2
    I have found 2 files in minidump which i have uploaded

    Thanks Bernie

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  4. nobardin

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    Minidump 051808-01
    Probably caused by : snpstd3.sys

    snpstd3.sys is the camera driver for CliqueCam.

    Possible solution:

    Since you can boot up in safe mode. Uninstall the driver from the add/remove programs list for this device. Then download the latest version of the driver from the manufacturers website.

    Minidump 071607-01
    Probably caused by : gwausb.sys

    GWAUSB.SYS is related to Conexant WAN ADSL USB Modem. Manufacturer: Conexant Systems Inc.

    Possible solution:

    Download the latest driver from the manufacturers website or if you got your modem from your Internet service provider (ISP) contact them and they should be able to give you a location for an updated driver.

    Also, download and install ccleaner from and after you have removed the drivers for the above stated devices run ccleaner and clean your computer then the registry with the registry cleaner part of ccleaner. After you have cleaned your computer, reinstall the drivers for the above stated devices.

    Please post back after doing the above stated and let us know if the issue was resolved or not.
  5. bernieuk1

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    Thanks for your help I will try what you have sugested but I will not have time until tomorrow or Wednesday.I will get back to you when I have tried it and let you know how i went on.

    Thanks Bernie
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