Blue screen STOP code 100000d1

By toshibaXP
Apr 16, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I havent added any new hardwares or softwares recently but I did update my windows and yahoo messengers as well as IE. So now my system crashes while I am watching online videos and stop code is stop error 100000d1 .I am also attaching the Minidump file. If anyone knows anything about solving this error pleeaaaazze help!
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Sounds like a driver error.
    Try searching TechSpot for your error
    "stop error 100000d1"
    And see if previous posts may answer your question.

    You likely will find references to "Event Viewer" and to Windbg.
    Again... search Techspot for other posts on how to use these tools.
    If you get stuck, post again.

    Added Helpful Information...
    WinDbg is a MS tool that may be used to decipher / "Debug" your minidump files.
    It is Version Specific and requires a symbol library that is for your OS version.
    These tools (along with instructions) are easily obtained at MS downloads.
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