Blue screen woes

By jdcadm47
Aug 1, 2008
  1. Over the last few months, I have been having many occurances of blue screen errors and memory dumps. The only way to clear it is to shut down the computer cold and start over. I'm not very happy with that idea because i'm afraid it may ruin the machine. Microsoft Onecare program doesn't seem to pick up any problems in that field and reports that system status is good. My registry fix program finds only some driver problems and a few invalid shortcuts which it can repair. Strangely enough though, I run regfix once a week and get the same or almost the same problems each time.Do you think there may be a pattern or connection to the blue screen errors?I have thought about doing a system restore to before this happened. Would that procedure cause me to lose some or all of the installed software and updates I use to keep away viruses and spam as well as the ones from Microsoft to update the system?
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    Okay, let's begin by having you read this link and following the advice in said link. It is an excellent place to begin. If any of the suggestions do not work let us know, If they do work, let us know that too. :)

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