BSOD after virus, computer turns off in safe mode

By kiwigirl
Aug 31, 2010
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  1. Hi all,

    My computer became infected with the "Security Suite" virus, which I managed to remove (I think) using Malwares and AVG Free. After my computer became infected when I already had AVG Free anti-virus I decided to change to Avast. Whilst my computer was installing Avast it turned off. When I restarted it, it opened and I saw the BSOD before it quickly restarted itself. I did as it said and started it in safe mode, again the BSOD, and if I don't get that the computer turns itself off in safe mode. If it doesn't turn off it just keeps going in a cycle restarting itself, getting to the BSOD and then restarting. I don't have time to read the errors on the BSOD before it restarts.. plus my machine is in French so it takes me awhile to translate into English in my head!

    Is there anything I can do?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    p.s. I have windows XP and a NEC laptop with intel core processor, which had encountered a BSOD problem before when I had a PC card in it, sent it away to the NEC place whilst it was under warranty and they replaced the motherboard (~2 years ago).
  2. Route44

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    We strongly suggest that you go to our Virus and Malware Removal forum read the UPDATED 8 Step sticky and follow the steps as given.

    Then post there when you've completed the steps with the required Logs. You'll receive excellent help.

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