BSODs / Changed RAM, CPU + HD

By dporter84
Dec 9, 2005
  1. Hello Everyone! I have been having stop errors (0x50, 0x8e now mostly, was
    others as well) and cX05 errors every few min. to maybe a 1/2 hour. They
    have occured despite changing CPU, RAM and HD. I have less after slowing
    down CPU (thanks to post here). That means I might make it though this message.

    I'm including as much info I think will help. Thanks in advance for any help.
    I've had this machine going for a month, after a 2-year hiatus from the Net
    and anxious to see something besides blue :)

    --- FYIs , not sure if related...

    Had similar BSODs before I lost the last HD, with the atapi.sys and ntfs.sys
    such as has been as recent as yesterday.

    My memory is too low now, windows has made adjustments to virtual memory
    and icons are missing etc. (new problem)

    Have NOT installed sound card, DVD, printer (and removed CD) and so
    on..untill problems get ironed out.

    Note -- I had my other RAM stick in so please ignore the last 3 or so
    errors,...sorry. I thought the RAM was OK, until now I got a read error.

    Last few stop error codes (with good RAM)

    stop 0x50 page fault in nonpaged area
    0xB05AF4F4B6, 0X00000001, 0x8055D6AF,0x00000000

    stop 0x8E ..problem has been detected...make sure
    you have adequate disk space... check video
    driver .,,,

    0Xc0000005, 0X8056CC03, 0xF0A5D348, 0x00000000


    AMD 1.6+ w/ 256 RAM (CPU is "unknown" in BIOS)
    Motherboard - VIA VT8367-8233
    Video: RADEON 7500
    HD - (now) 10 Gig (lost 20 + 40 gig in last month)
    no floppy
    XP is svc. pack 1 and such are most drivers
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