Burning Up

By rmg900
Jan 10, 2006
  1. I just got a Radeon X1800XL and it is running at a mind bogling average temp of 87 C. Catalyst says it's running at about Mid-Level High and I've checked the card and the fan is running. Sometimes Catalyst gliches and says it's about 30 C. Any ideas of what to do /or what's happening? The card doesn't glich or anything but I'd rather not burn it out.
  2. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    87C doesn't sound good even for a high performance card.
    If I were you I'd first try to update to the newest catalyst drivers as it could just be buggy drivers displaying wrong temps, but it could allso be that the sensor on the card isn't very precise or has a very high bias.

    Another reason for a high temp could be that you don't have enough airflow inside your case, try removing the side panel from the case and see if that helps.
    If it does then you do have an airflow problem and should consider installing exstra fans inside your case.
  3. Vaerilis

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    This may sound weird, but it has helped a few people so far: try installing the latest Catalyst drivers from ATI.
    The regular average temperature for that card is about 70C.
  4. rmg900

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    Just installed catalyst 5.13. Temp. now says I'm running at about 58-61 C. + Overclocker will now allow much higher overclock.
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