Buying a NEW montior for CS/WoW please help :)

By Reach
Mar 15, 2006
  1. Hey guys.

    I don't know if you read my post eariler this week, but I had a problem with my LCD screen. Well come to find out, the brightness motor? or something like that is broken, and I don't have warrnity on the thing.

    So I'm looking into buying a new CRT monitor (because LCDs are 1: expensive, and the LCD I had, Ghosted really bad at times when I hit massive amouts of people.)

    This is the one I am looking at purchasing.


    .20 dot pitch is extrodinary
    1600x1200 resolution is great for WoW, It gives me lots of more space on my screen for addons and such.

    Brightmagic - which I think is a brighntess enhance button. which would be great for playing CS on a dark map etc.

    If anyone has this monitor, or has any opinion on it, please post here. I was talking with a lot of my computer guru friends, and they said that this monitor owns for the price.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Reach

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    Any help?
  3. Dennis_84

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    I don't think you should buy CRT Monitor, just stick with LCD. They are so much better than crt. I just bought Dell 20" lcd wide screen monitor and it works great. You are paying aroung $180 for crt monitor, but you can get 19" monitor for around $200. Get a nice brand monitor and you should be allset.
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