Cannot delete favorite from Favorites Bar in IE

By cosrocket
Jan 1, 2013
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  1. I am having this problem in Internet Explorer in Windows 8, but I have also had the same problem with IE in Windows 7. I have a favorites folder in my IE favorites bar that I cannot delete. When I right click on the folder in the favorites bar and left click delete, a window pops up with the following message:
    Could not find this item
    This is no longer located in C:\Users\MyName\Favorites\Favorites bar. Verify the item’s location and try again.
    Try Again Skip Cancel
    When I had this problem quite a while ago in Windows 7, I googled it and found a way to delete it that took several steps, including some cmd prompts but stupidly I did not save it a now I cannot find it.
    Does anyone know the process to delete this? I have no idea why this particular folder that I named tech is giving me this problem. I have had no problem removing other folders from the favorites bar in IE, other than this one. Thanks.
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