Check out this "iPhone Z" folding phone concept


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Caviar, which is behind “luxury” products such as the $4,500 iPhone Tesla that comes with its own solar charger, released a video of its concept iPhone Z, named after the Z-shape the device makes while it’s being folded.

Unlike other foldable phones that open like books (Galaxy Fold), have the screen on the outside and use an out-folding design (Mate X), or fold horizontally (Motorola's Razr and Sharp’s clamshell), the iPhone Z folds twice. Xiaomi’s foldable also has two folds, though its design is slightly different.

According to LetsGoDigital, a fully opened iPhone Z has a 10.4-inch screen, putting it in iPad territory. It also boasts a 3876 x 2758 (458 ppi) resolution when unfolded, and the design lets it operate in several different modes: a selfie mode, where the triple camera setup is used in conjunction with one of the screen segments; a tablet mode, which is the phone completely opened; a laptop mode, where one screen is used as a keyboard and others as a display; and a screen mode that is used for watching videos while the phone is standing up on a flat surface.

When folded up and being used like a standard smartphone, the screen has a 20:9 aspect ratio. This switches to 3:2 when in tablet mode. The iOS interface, meanwhile, automatically responds to the device’s position.

Other features include a camera system consisting of three different 15MP lenses (wide angle, ultra-wide angle, telephoto), in-display Touch ID and possibly Face ID, and USB Type-C. Being a Caviar product, there are also 90 diamonds hidden in the housing.

Like all foldables, it’s estimated that the iPhone Z won’t come cheap. Caviar believes it would be priced at 2,900 Euros, or $3,262. It’s only a concept, of course, so the chances of ever seeing a real-life version of this iPhone are pretty slim. And given what’s happening with the Galaxy Fold, Apple won’t be in a hurry to join the folding phone market.

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Squid Surprise

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While this model might be vaporware, I'd definitely be more intrigued with this type of foldable than the current Samsung... My worry would be the thickness of the phone, as when it is in "phone mode", it will basically be 3 phones stacked on each other...

I still think the true "need" for a foldable display is in the laptop arena, as it would be pretty awesome to have a 14" (or smaller) laptop with a 27" screen... But I guess that's a bit harder to come up with.

Ean Mogg

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By the way you don't need folding screen technology to make a small screen look bigger as with this design if you have interlocking stepped screens one over each other at screen thickness level it would look the same at reduced cost and easier to make.


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This is nice but call me when theres a phone that hooks into your brain and takes over your visual cortex.

Uncle Al

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$3,200 for a phone .... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Only for the stupid!

Squid Surprise

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Apple would insist on being a partner, if they even allowed such a device. It's what they do.

Oh please, don't be so obsequious.
They might - again, only if it actually existed... I don’t think you’re getting that point.

Caviar is a company that takes iPhones and adds stuff to make them crazy expensive... they’ve simply drawn up this prototype to gauge interest... the product doesn’t exist, and Apple is NOT a partner yet! So don’t go yelling at Apple... there’s plenty of legitimate reasons to be angry at Apple - no need to make stuff up :)