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By Svinvan ยท 4 replies
Nov 2, 2007
  1. I bought myself new game pc few weeks ago. I asked for 2 Nvidea 8800GTX cards in SLI. But they had only one, and told me to come back when second card is in the shop. Today they call me and suggest me to wait 2 more weeks, because then there is new Nvidea 8800GT with new chipset which is better then 8800GTX. They want me to give back GTX card and buy 2 GT cards.

    As far as I can see is GTX better then GT, only not according to the man in the shop.

    Please help me decide?
    what is best?

    My new PC:

    Coolermaster : Stacker 830 RC-830 Aluminium
    P5N32 SLI Plus
    Intell core 2 Duo Q6600
    Zalman CNPS9500-CU LED Cooler active (Silent!)
    Corsair 2048MB, DDR2, 64MX8
    Western Digital 500GB SATAII
    NVidea8800GTX 768DDR2
    Enermax : Galaxy Power Supply 1000W
    Windows Vista Ultimate
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    What is best is to go to another shop and get them to supply what you want and not what they want you to have. Do not tolerate this crap!
  3. Cinders

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    They are trying to give you good value for the money. The GT slightly out performs the GTS. The GTXs are better than the GTs but they are also a good deal more expensive than the GTs. Two GTs will out perform a single GTX but dual GTXs will out perform dual GTs.

    If you really want the dual GTXs then tell them so. I'm sure they will not have a problem with that, and if they do tell them to stuff it.
  4. pdyckman@comcas

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    Nvidia has tech. support on their website. You can ask them also.
  5. Svinvan

    Svinvan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply !!

    At his point I'm playing with one GTX and I'm still waiting for the second GTX to arive.
    Person in shop tell me that new GT is better then GTX, but I don't believe it since I did not find any information to back this up.

    If this shop can not deliver my second GTX, I will cancel the order and look for GTX in other shop.
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