Computer Crash?

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Aug 10, 2008
  1. Hi, I am using a Toshiba laptop. I'm not sure about some of the specs on it. But I know it's a newer model (meaning 3 years old at most), and I also don't have administrative rights. But the problem is, sometimes when i'm online everything will be fine and then out of nowhere I notice the bar at the bottom (with the start button and all the icons on the right) are gone, then I minimize whatever window(s) I have up and realize everything has disappeared except for the background image. All the icons are gone and everything. And I can't figure out whats causing it. Although I think I have an idea, beacuse once I downloaded something and I believe it had some kind of spyware or adware in it, but the anti-virus isn't picking it up. It's a .dll file and i've tried deleting it, and renaming it to delete it, but it's not working. And i'm not even sure if that's the problem or not. Please someone help me. :)

    Thank you

  2. G_Mez

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    Try Malwarebytes, it's most likely a Vundo variant infection

    CNET's has the latest version - it's free. It should load o.k., some other spyware/malware removers aren't particularly good with this type of infection. I just wen't through a similar problem and used it very successfully. After you install it, make sure to run the updater and do full system scan, it might even take a few scans to clean out restore point images - but don't panic. It works.
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    Sounds like your explorer.exe process is crashing. When it happens, try hittig Ctrl + Alt + Del --> Processes and see if explorer.exe is still there.

    If it's not go to File --> New Task (Run...) and type explorer.exe

    If this is the problem you might want to check your system files:
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  5. terminator911

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    Thanks! :wave:

    Now let's see if any of our suggestions actually helped. It sounds like a spyware issue.
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