Computer starts but does not boot

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Jan 1, 2010
  1. Hi, got a big problem here and need your help to solve it.

    Computer Specifications:
    ECS Elitegroup 671T-M
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad
    Memory: DDR2 667 -> 2 GB OCZ Ram (2 x 1GB)
    Graphics: GeForce 6800GT

    Computer starts but does not show any display. I know it starts, because all fans are working fine. Process light is blinking; however, the "power light" does not turn on. The CPU is not heating up. I took off rams, but there is no sound from the motherboard. Connecting monitor cable directly to the motherboard instead of the video card also doesn't work.

    Does anyone have any idea of what would be the problem?
    I would really appreciate any help. I am desperate!
  2. nirali35

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    One more thing:
    I don't think there is any problem with config. Because I have been using this computer with same specs for 2 years. Today morning it suddenly stopped working.
  3. Xecutor

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    Do you see anything at all? I mean do you even see the "Press ... to Enter setup" screen and no boot screen, or do you see nothing at all?

    Also, do you hear any beeps that you usually hear at startup, but at odd intervals?

    Please describe what exactly you see and hear when you turn on the comp.
  4. nirali35

    nirali35 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, it is a custom build.
    I also tried to reconnect CPU and RAM.

    Please let me know if you have anymore suggestions.
    How can I check if motherboard is working or not?
  5. itfocustm

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    I don't mean to hijack this thread but I'm having exactly the same problem. I have a custom build that has been working perfectly for the last year. I went to turn it on this morning and it won't boot. It will turn on for about 10 seconds at a time (no beeps) and then will switch off and then try and start again a few seconds later.

    The monitor light stays red so it's obviously not getting a signal. There also seems to be a problem with the CPU fan power port. The CPU fan "judders" i.e. it looks like it's trying to spin but doesn't.

    I removed the fan power cable and I managed to get the PC to boot once but haven't managed to get it to boot since. I've since plugged the fan power cable into another port and spins OK but the PC still won't boot.

    All this makes me think that the PSU is OK, the fan is obviously OK so it must be the motherboard? I'm encouraged that I managed to get it to boot once so it must be something to do with the motherboard.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Even if I could get to BIOS I might have a chance of changing something there. I'm not techy but in laymens terms it's almost as if the motherboard is detecting a problem with the dedicated CPU power port and is stopping it from booting to protect the CPU.

    My motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4
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