Computer won't enter stand-by.

By ChrCarlo
Jun 30, 2008
  1. Hello, I have recently been having a problem about my computer entering it's stand-by mode. I have no problems during start-up or shut down. I can restart the system and shut down the system with no problems at all. When I click Start, Turn off Computer, and stand-by, everything appears normal, the desktop icons, and bar disappear, and it enters the blue screen, with the windows logo and the Windows is preparing to shut down caption under it, or a similar caption. When it gets to that point, it hangs on that blue screen with the logo like its trying to shut down but can't quit complete the process. I have to hold down the power button to shut it down, therefor not entering stand-by mode. Is there a simple fix to this, and help is appreciated thanks.
  2. CCT

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    This is frequently caused by some process/program refusing to shut down. You need to examine what is actually running just before you try a standby operation.

    Be sure you are off-line (internet off).

    Start, Run, enter 'msconfig' (no quotes, look at the Services and the Startup entries - uncheck ALL the startup boxes and try a Standby.

    Did it work? Then one of those is a problem.

    It didn't? Then recheck them and uncheck half the Services boxes and try again.

    Eventually, you 'should' find the culprit.
  3. ChrCarlo

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    Okay, i unchecked all of the ones under the Start-up tab and tried a stand-by. Same problem. When you said Uncheck ALL the startup boxes, did you mean the ones under the Services box too?
  4. jobeard

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    describe your system (desktop, workstation, laptop), Make + Model.

    Periodically, I have problems with my Toshiba Laptop MX35-s161 attempting to
    use hibernation; it goes into standby instead.

    The 'fix' is fussing with the settings, but about once a year I need to reinstall the
    Tobsiba Console utility altogether -- which is what I would recommend to you.
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