Conflict with PCI BUS (ISAPNP)

By rohit_chowdhary
Jul 31, 2006
  1. I have just bought a USB to IDE hard disk cable and I am trying to connect the same with my laptop.

    My laptop is running windows XP, SP2. The laptop is able to detect the cable connection but unable to install it properly and is throwing following error

    nput/Output Range 0A79 - 0A79 used by:
    PCI bus
    Input/Output Range 0279 - 0279 used by:
    PCI bus.

    I tried to change the settings manually for the ISAPNP port but everytime it reports that its not a valid setting.

    My IDE Hard disk jumper is set to MASTER MODE.

    Any help to resolve this issue will be really appreciated as I am desparate to read important stuff from the hard disk.

    Thanks in advance.

    Rohit Chowdhary.
  2. xxhiyanxx

    xxhiyanxx TS Rookie


    sorry i don't have a solution for you.. i'm having the exact same problem except with trying to use a Sprint wireless card. the same conflict with the same I/O. were you able to figure out a solution?

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