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Jul 23, 2007
  1. Hello, I'm running Windows XP media center. I've been having this problem for about 6 months. Whenever I load a webpage, it will randomly stop loading at a random point. The same goes for downloads, and even uploads/downloads to other computers on our network. I've tried 3 routers and various other cables to no avail. I'm pretty lost as of right now, help please.
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    And your computer brand and model is? Amount of good memory. Cooling fans? Thermal Paste?
    Please also list the routers and cables... and whether you used their install discs.
    How fast is your cable? If you do not know, use, then click on the speed test on the right side.
  3. Scythy

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    Acer Aspire 5102WLMI, 1GB, None extra installed, no thermal paste, I've tried it on a wired dlink, wireless dlink, and a wireless linksys. Never used the install disks, but I keep the firmware up to date. Cable is 3.11Mbps down, 563kbps up. I've also tried three different locations using cable, satellite, and DSL.
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    Rule number one: always blame the cable modem, or provider cable.

    Have you tried disabling the onboard internet connection in the device manager, and installing a new network card? They are usually very inexpensive, running $6.99 to $26.99 in stores and online. We recommend Netgear FA311, Linksys LNE 100TX, US Robotics USR997902 or if you want to go higher speed for PCI-Express: Linksys EG1064 $69, D-Link DGE560T $85. Or you can go with used for as low as $4.00
    One of these will rule out hardware issues. Then you will know it is Windows.

    If you ACER Windows disc will allow it, run Windows CD in R for Repair mode.

    Then you are down to reinstalling Windows.

    You know how maddening these intermittent issues can be... and how extremely difficult the problem can be to track down. We have actually had our best luck in demanding the cable company replace cable conections in the neighborhood, but had to do all of the above first. In our area, cable companies will trade out cable modems with another used one known good, but for a charge unless you can prove it is not you.

    Check with neighbors to see if others are using your same cable service. See if water invasion is possible at the box.

    Remember that many of the cable installers know less than you do.
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    This symptom begs bad HTML code from the website. You will likely see it
    occur on a few sites you reference but not on other sites like or

    You might try another browser (Firefox, Opera, Netscape) as they each respond
    differently to bad html code.
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