Counter strike 1.6 laggy after reformat on a new harddrive

By nickbeaton
Jul 27, 2005
  1. yesterday i had a major error somethig to do with canceling a defrag ruined my harddrive, it is now unusable. i (luckily) mentioned this to my friend who offered me an 80 gb seagate drive free of charge since im a nice kid i gave him $20 for the drive when i went to his house to get it today. i came home installed windows xp x64 edition imedietly on the new drive and went to play cs (after installing all the necessary drivers etc.) as i entered my favorite server where i play every night i noticed that the security module download takes 24 seconds when it used to take 4 so when i finally get into the server my ping is bouncing all over the place when its usually really stable floating around 18 so i got pissed tried a few more servers... smae thing, steam says the ping will be great but its not, i reformated and installed the normal old windows xp pro 32 bit cuz i really didnt like the x64 edition neways and got all my drivers and stuff squared away agian and went to try the serversame thing happened >_< the drive is the same rpm as the old 1 (7200) but its half the size which shouldent effect ping. does any11 know what is going on and if so do you know a solution i am already messed up from loosing my 100+ gigs of movies and games and to top it all off cs is messing up on me

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    thank you
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