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Nov 1, 2005
  1. I purchased a used Dell Dimension computer with Windows ME installed. I tried to load Windows 2000 and XP. This computer will not allow either of these OS's to load. I even tried to keep the FAT 32 partition and upgrade. When I do this, I get an error that the files on the hard drive are corrupted. I flashed the bios, tried a new hard drive, and even installed a RAID controller and get the same error every time. When I try to load OEM version of XP, I get the error that the hard drive is damaged.
  2. Rick

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    This probably isn't a surprise, but there's a pretty good chance your drive is failing. This is a good time for me to plug the following utilities:

    I think Dell usually has Maxtor drives.
  3. Carloscycle

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    That is what puzzles me. I tried two other new hard drives with the same result. I even installed a raid controller. I suspect there is something wrong with the motherboard or something screwed with this model Dell.
  4. Rick

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    Oh, I didn't notice you tried a new drive. Have you tried a different CD perhaps?
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    Windows ME is newer than W2K, so you can not DOWNgrade to it.
    XP should install if CD-drive, CD and HD are in good condition.
    Go to and get the W98SE OEM bootdisk file, make the floppy and boot from it. can you 'see' the HD then? If so, use FDISK to delete/create a new partition, then format it in FAT32.
    Now try W2K or XP CD and boot from it, then install (if possible).
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