DirectX 9.0c not loading all the updated files?

By TBolt
Jan 13, 2006
  1. I have recently upgraded my mobo and had to reinstall / repair install WinXp Pro. Everything went fine, I went to dl DX 9c, seemed to dl and install okay except when I ran the Diagnostic Tool, it reports 3 DX items as older versions that may cause problems. It further suggest that I reinstall the program to get the updated files (I ended up doing this 3 additional times with the same result - the same three files as "older versions"). I DLed the program direct from the Microsoft website where I have had no problems in the recent past when DLing the same file to my other comp. The "older" files in question are;


    How critical to programs (3d games and such) are these files and how can I get them updated correctly? Is there a problem with my comp / connection that is causing this? Do I need to "minidump" here for an analysis? Thanks ahead of time, I luv this forum :grinthumb

    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    Try download the DirextX redistrebutable version. The update using that. I had the same problem with my pc when I wanted to install Need for Speed Underground 2. It just refused to install propperly.
    I cheated with this, this is not advisable, but it worked. I installed DirectX on another PC. Then I simply moved the directX folder onto my pc and overwrote everything manually. I think that may have caused it be a little buggy, but NFS-UG2 worked after that.

    I am advising you to get the re-distrebutable version so that you can eliminate a bad connection as the cause. I don't advise on doing what I did, unless someone else here says to go ahead, someone more experienced than me.

    Those files are some of the most important of DirectX by the way. They need to work propperly, otherwise it's like having an older version of DirectX.
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