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Jul 16, 2005
  1. hey guys..i got a quesiton.. well ive been using my comp liek this for a long time.. but sometimes when i play games and stuff.. my graphics dont come out to be the way they should be. I have a 128 mb ATI RAEDON 9200 series. When i look at my device manager and go to display adapters, it shows me that i have 'Raedon 9200 series' and under that 'Raedon 9200 series - secondary . I dotn know if that effects it?
  2. zephead

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    you're going to have to be far more descriptive if you expect help here. what's wrong with your games? what os and service pack are you running?
  3. uapak

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    wel i was playing the game juiced and my game was running really slow. I have windows xp pro, I didnt download any service packs because i hav had a realy bad expeirience with them on my old comp. I have 256 mb ram and a 2800 athlon processor. The only thing i wanted to know was that does the secondary display adapter make a difference? Cuz maybe two display adapters make the graphics a lil slow? i dont know..
  4. Didou

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    No it doesn't change anything. The two displays adapters are there showcasing your card's dual-view ablities, that's all. As far as the bad performance in games it either comes from the fact that you do not have a lot of Ram &/or that the Radeon 9200 simply isn't fast enough for today's games.
  5. uapak

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    ohhh okk cuz ig ot confused wid da two display adapters. thannks
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