Do I have a virus?

By amyliz430
Dec 20, 2008
  1. The other day I was doing a virus scan with my anti-virus software, Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition and I noticed that the full scan said that it was completed after only about 10 minutes, when it usually takes close to 2 hours. It had only scanned 24,000 files. I ran a quick scan and the last thing to show up before the scan was complete was C:\Fauxvirus\carney ride.exe, which I thought sounded suspicious. I did a quick google search and became alarmed at the possibilities presented on various forums, etc. I immediately followed steps suggested by various sites:

    * With my computer in safe mode, I ran a scan with SUPER Anti-Spyware (which came up clean)
    * I then reset my system restore by turning it off, rebooting, turning it back on and running the AV scan again (nothing came up).
    * I ran Symantec's Backdoor.Agent.B removal tool, which showed that I had no Backdoor Agent virus on my computer
    * I ran Spybot Search & Destroy scan, Ad-Aware scan and Windows Defender scan (all complete scans, all came up clean).
    * I did a scan with Sophos Anti-Rootkit and it came up clean.
    * I then did a scan with Rootkit Revealer -- it came up clean.
    * I did an online scan with Kaspersky, which showed viruses but they were in my Symantec Quarantine files -- after I deleted those the scan came up clean.
    * I got a HijackThis log and didn't think I saw anything suspicious, although I am certainly not tech saavy so who knows. This post will be over the limit if I post my log file, but I can post it in a follow up if necessary. I even ran Process Explorer to see if anything suspicious was masquerading as a vital system process. Everything looked normal.

    After doing all of this, my Symantec is still having the same problem. My question is, do I have a virus or is there something wrong with my software? I am at a complete loss as to what more I can do! Everything seems to be showing up clean, but I am completely paranoid that there is something hidden so deep in my system that it isn't showing up anywhere. Is that possible? My computer seems to be running normally. Please help! I am a poor graduate student and can't afford to have something go wrong with my computer!
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    Do yourself a big favor and get rid of Symantec. Before the week is out i will have dumped the corporate edition on at least a dozen machines. I have underestimated how much it slows things down and I have to give them credit for detecting the virus but why did i pay way too much for the product and not recieve protection from the darn things to begin with. The straw that broke the camels back was when they wanted $100 to help me get rid of the virus. Trust me follow the advice you get from Kimsland and you will be good to go
    This is just my opinion
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