DVD burner doesn't recognise DVD media

Apr 8, 2006
  1. I give up trying to solve this problem.The DVDR burner (oem-pioneer106d-Sony Vaio-pcv-rs420) does not recognize anything to do with dvd's.It will however burn,play cd's.Occasionally I can burn a dvd,but only at 2x speed .The burnt dvd or any other dvd can not be read or played on the pc,however,put it in the stand alone dvd player and it plays perfect on the tv.Lasers are cleaned with a commercial dvd cleaning disc.This is a problem that seemed to have happened overnight.Do I buy a new DVDR drive or keep looking elsewhere for the answer?
  2. Tedster

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    uninstall and reinstall the drivers.
  3. DADEO

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    Tedster,Thanks for the reply.I just tried uninstall/install and no good.Anymore ideas/suggestions,has your opinion changed? Bad DVDR burner/drive or still software related?
  4. DADEO

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    Thought of another question if I can pick your brain again.From what I have heard,it's not a bad idea to do a clean install of Windows maybe 1x year.I have never done this,this computer is about 4 years old.If I did this clean install,would that solve software issues?

    I noticed if I try a store bought dvd,the autoplay pops on and you can choose the player,although it will not take the next step and play the dvd.If I put in any dvd I made either a movie or data,nothing happens.The ones I made all worked before,its not a question of how did I record the dvd's.
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