DVD drive gone crazy

By spitfire102
Jun 30, 2010
  1. I just purchased a brand new disk of batman arkham asylum
    (am prehistorically slow i know) !!

    But my laptops DVD drive just refuses to read it.
    I have dell studio 1450 with a TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-T633C ( am running windows 7 64 bit)
    once i insert the game DVD, the drive just makes clicking noises n then says please insert a disk into the drive. All the system requirements are well met,so no problems on that front.

    The funny part is that the disk is happily read by my old laptop's n desktop's DVD drive, so the disk appears to be undamaged. Moreover my laptop's DVD Drive also reads all other sorts of movie n game DVD'S without a hitch. So its just this particular disk that seems to be a problem for my laptop.

    The solutions that I tried without any positive effect are
    1.updating the DVD Drive firmware
    2.updating the BIOS
    3.Running a diagnostic tool (which said the DVD ROM is fine)

    A id be highly obliged if some one can get me out of this predicament.
  2. Jacob21

    Jacob21 TS Rookie

    Hi dude. I got the same problem. The DVD drive refuses to read only a particular types of DVD. On its contrary, it reads old DVD i burnt long ago. I've updated the firmware and run the diagnostic tools and got a specific tools for fixing errors in CD/DVD drive but no errors were found. This matters are very common nowadays. Some says some DVD writers have a sort of protection whereas others says maybe the DVD are wrong.

    I made a simple test with a type of DVD named "Melody"..but i bought it at different place one at a shop nearby and other at the library..The DVD from the shop reads fine but from the library are wrong 0 byte.

    Conclusion maybe it depends on types of DVD and its layers..follow the forum on DVD drive cannot read DVD you'll have some other solutions such as editing the registry..

    I went to "run" and typed "cmd.exe"
    and then types E: (i.e my DVD drive)
    it says disk cannot be found..even Isobuster cannot find any byte to say if there are damaged sectors...

    Well I'll keep in touch with this as I'll have to remove my DVD drive and see if the lens are OK or if there are some dusts covering them..but if you wanna try this you'll have to handle with care..maybe tomorrow I'll let you know about this or next week as I'll be busy in a marriage ceremony!

    Tips: If your DVD drive reads old DVD and CD it means it works fine..and moreover if those DVD which are considered as 0 byte is reading elsewhere in other computers means the DVD are OK.
    The problem will be fixing the upper and lower layers..
  3. spitfire102

    spitfire102 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks fer the reply..really irritating problem i knw..will try setting the lower/higher registries..
    do lemme know of ur progress if any..
    all the best with the cermony..:)
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