Extraneous Processes... help?

By Morluna
Feb 14, 2008
  1. I have so much unnecessary crap running in the background on my laptop, and the problem is... I don't know enough to know what I can get rid of, or how, and what I need to keep. Here is a screenshot:


    Help me?
  2. Bobbye

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    Yes, you certainly do. But the processes represent, in part, programs and apps you have on the Startup list. These programs start when you boot and run in the background.

    Leave the following running:
    Firefox.exe- your browser
    taskmgr.exe, System and System Idle- show whenever Task Manager is open.

    ccApp.exe- process belonging to Norton AntiVirus.
    ccevtmgr.exe is a process belonging to Norton Internet Security Suite.
    ccSetMgr.exe- part of Norton Internet Security or Norton Antivirus

    aswUpdSv.exe and ashserv.exe is part of the Avast Anti-virus Suite ****** you should only be running "1" antivurus program. You show both Avast and Norton- stop and uninstall one of them!

    LEXPPS.exe enables bi-directional printing over a peer to peer network. If the printer is connected directly to your PC, the file is not used
    LEXBCES.exe part of Lexmark MarkVision software- Put this Service on Manual in the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. IT is not safe for it to run all the time- if at all.

    spools.exe for the printer.
    alg.exe- application layer gateway for Windows OS
    lsass.exe, services, winlogon.exe- all parts of the OS
    vsmon.exe- process associated with the ZoneAlarm firewal
    HPWirelessMgr.exe- wireless card in the notebook.
    OneTouch.exe- keyboard driver. Required if you use the additional keys
    SynTPEnh.exe and SynTPLpr.exe are for the touchpad for laptop.

    As an example, I have 36 processes in my Task <Manager. These include startup with AV, touchpad for laptop, network service for my network.

    You need to ID the other processes, then using the msconfig utility, stop everything EXCEPT the AV program- remember, you need to stop one of them-, firewall, touchpad for the laptop and network service- nothing else need to start up.

    Here are some databases to help ID:

    Once identified: Start> Run> type in 'msconfig' without the quotes> Selective start-up> Startup tab> UNCHECK all but the AV, firewall, touchpad, network service> Apply> OK.

    Reboot> Close the nag message that comes up after checking 'don't show this message again'.

    This will take time, but you will start up faster and run better and you will be safer. For anything you aren't sure of, ID it then decide.
  3. Morluna

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    Thanks so much for all of that information. Yeah, I have been playing around with different anti-virus software trying to decide which ones are best for me. I've had Norton forever and it is horrible. If I go to the control panel > add or remove programs > uninstall Norton, is that really going to get rid of it? Or do I need to go directly to the folders and delete specific things? I know some software (like iTunes) likes to latch onto your system and refuse to be uninstalled. I'm considering a simple rewrite of my hard drive in the next few days, to clean out my registry etc.

    Also, is it okay to run Avast! and ZoneAlarm on my comp at the same time? Or should I chose just one? Which one would you say is better? Or is AVG superior to both? Agh, so many to choose from!

    Thanks again,
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