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Dec 2, 2009
  1. I have 3 systems. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9.10. I'd like to get some clarification on the infamous "file sharing". I'd like to be able to copy items from my Windows XP machine to my Windows Vista machine securely. Is this possible? Thanks in advance. I tried looking through the Windows utilities but it just confused me more.
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    Throwing the word "securely" kind of puts a level of complexity into your possible answers. You can enforce some sort of authentication to get/put files from/to a share, but creating the share in the first place introduces some level of security risk. What you might want to make sure of is that your network is secure. Is there wireless access to your network? Does it require any type of key/encryption to access it? Which kind? Are you broadcasting your SSID or doing any MAC filtering? What other users are on your network and what sorts of activities do they do on the computers?
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    I do have wireless access enabled. Key is required. WEP I believe - which ever one is considered more "secure". Yes, I am broadcasting the SSID. Just 2 users total. Mostly email and basic web access.
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    Do you want to send encrypted files, or do you want better security against outsiders getting access to your wireless network?

    File sharing can be dangerous if you leave the default "everyone" in the users list for shared folders.

    You need to assign only those users you want to have access to your shares any permissions. Don't give anyone full privs, unless you completely trust the user, and don't give modify unless you want to allow someone to change your files.
    You can remove or add users from the share permissions, and only those who are listed will have any access to your shares.

    In the folder options, uncheck "use simple file sharing". This will allow you to set a more specific security policy.

    Use the Sharing tab to set permissions for users who will access the folders across the network.
    Use the Security tab to set permissions for local users (those who log onto the machine locally).

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