Firefox 71 launches with Picture-in-Picture plus enhancements to tracking protection and...

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Firefox 71.0 introduces a new Picture-in-Picture mode for Windows operating systems that is designed to enhance multitasking. To trigger it, simply hover your mouse over a video and look for the blue “Picture-in-Picture” option. When activated, the video will pop out into its own window that maintains focus, persists across tabs and is even viewable outside of Firefox.

The latest official release of Firefox also brings improvements to Lockwise, Mozilla’s integrated password manager. The feature can now recognize subdomains and autofill credentials accordingly. What’s more, integrated breach alerts from Firefox Monitor are now accessible to users with screen readers.

In the privacy department, Mozilla is boasting that its Enhanced Tracking Protection feature has blocked an estimated one trillion trackers since July.

With Firefox 71, you now get notifications when the browser blocks cryptominers and there’s even a running tally of blocked trackers that can be viewed by clicking the shield icon in the address bar.

A full list of features and fixes can be found in Mozilla’s release notes.

Interested parties can grab Firefox 71 for Windows, macOS and Linux over on our downloads page. Mobile versions for Android and iOS are available from their respective app stores.

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The picture-in-picture works flawlessly (so far). The pop out video has no browser frame, just video. You can drag it anywhere, even to another monitor, all while viewing other tabs/programs. When you turn it off with the PIP button, it brings you back to the original tab, if you hit the X, it leaves you on your current tab (while the video continues to play). I didn't know I wanted this feature, but I think I'll make daily use of it.