Fortnite eclipses 200 million registered user mark

Shawn Knight

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Fortnite, the cultural phenomenon from Epic Games, made headlines when it surpassed the 40 million registered user mark early this year. By June, the game had attracted a breathtaking 125 million account holders but even that figure pales in comparison to its latest milestone.

According to Bloomberg, Fortnite now has over 200 million registered players. That’s a 60 percent increase since June and five times as many player accounts as the game had at the beginning of the year.

It’s worth noting that not all of those accounts are active. Epic’s last update on that front came in September when it said the game had 78.3 million active players in August. Earlier this month, Fortnite hit a record 8.3 million concurrent players after launching in South Korea.

As Season 6 of Fortnite winds down, gamers are already turning their attention to what’s next. Unlike previous seasons which involved major global events like meteors and rockets, there’s nothing major going on in the game to indicate the direction that Epic will take with its next season. In the real world, we’re dealing with the holidays and winter weather so perhaps those themes will make their way into the game.

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"Registered users" include people like myself - Who downloaded it months ago because it was free, and wanted to see what they hype was about. I played it twice and uninstalled. It's numbers are so impressive mostly because it's free to play.

Then there are games like GTA 5, which has sold over 100 million copies. I think a truly "good game" is one that consumers will research, rate, review, and spend money on. It earns a purchase.

Fortnite to me is not a good game. It's simply free, and popular with the youths who like to floss in public.