FSB 200 or FSB 266?

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Mar 2, 2002
  1. On my recent trip to my M810 mobo's website to download a bios update, i came across a misleading information. It was mentioned that my mobo supports FSB 200 AND FSB 266 CPUs. Apparently, only the support for FSB 200 was stated in the manual. Could this change of information due to a newer bios?

    I m running a AMI Bios (2/06/2002 release) after the bios update. Can someone clarify for me?

  2. ToRN

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    seems what your homepage is reporting is correct. Are you sure you have the same revision? If so, yes your system will support it. It could be it was not available in the bios but yet in the chipset (not probable, though).
  3. uncleel

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  4. young&wild

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    I guess it s a cheap board!!

    I believe the chipset is the same SiS730, which was reported by Sandra Benchmark Program. Any more opinions?
  5. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    It is quite unlikely that a newer bios would allow 266 operation, most bios updates simply add detection of more cpus such as new revisions (athlon XP for example)
  6. Federelli

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    yeah, it's likely that there was a mistake of some sort as i can't see how a simple bios can allow to use 266mhz...
  7. Niklasgc

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    I have an M810, and yes the bios revision enables 266mhz. The chipset supported it before it came out, I have an updated manual, and the manual has an addition of a 266mhz feature. I'm running my Ahtlon XP at 266 on my board. So yeah, the site was right.
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