Game Automaticly Goes to desktop

By Gizmo
Dec 18, 2003
  1. Well i start game can play for a random amount of time and then bang it goes to desktop with windows xp error report they never help though. If you need any more infomation please ask

    AMD XP 1800+
    Windows XP SP1
    Geforce4 Ti4200 Lastest Drivers
    Lastest Direct X
    Heat CPU 47 C/114 F MB 32/ 89F
    CPU fan 3792

    Well i have seen alot of posts like this on other forums seen a few on this one 2 but it seems like there all dead ends no fixes any help would be great
  2. Daniel-San

    Daniel-San TS Rookie

    can you tell me what kind of game is? and exactly when does it kick you out to windows? thanks
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