geforce 2 ti overclocking??

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Jun 27, 2002
  1. i need a little help. maybe some guidance. or maybe just a big mac with large fries. but here...

    im running a chaintech geforce 2 ti 32 mb DDR.
    im using the original geforce overclock menu
    im using the geforce tweak utility from the guru3d site.
    -now... the cards stock settings are as follows
    core clock - 250
    memory clock - 333

    ive used both to overclock this thing... and is it just me... or is this overclocked REALLY HIGH? right now its as follows
    core clock - 266
    memory clock - 366

    ive been playing quake 3 for hours... and it seems to be working great. but im scared this things gonna catch on fire! can someone tell me if these settings are safe or if i should turn em down quick! thanks!!
  2. Didou

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    Those are some really odd speeds. Here are the specs for GF2 cards ( Non MX ) :

    GF2 GTS -> 200 / 333 ( 166 DDR )
    GF2 Pro -> 200 / 400
    GF2 Ti -> 250 / 400
    GF2 Ultra -> 250 / 460

    When you finish playing a few hours, touch the card & the ram modules & see if there's a lot of heat generated. It's the best way to know if you're overstressing your Vid Card.
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    My GF2 Ti is by default at 265/460 or something like that, I don't remember correctly. I managed to clock it to 295/511. So that 250/333 does sound weird, like it's not DDR memory?!
  4. JAV

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    My 'rule of thumb' (FWIW) for 'non-active cooled' (no fans just heatsinks) video cards is 5-8% on the core clock & 8-10% on the memory. A 250 core would be: 262.5-270 & 333 memory would be: ~360-366. :)

    'Active cooled': 7-10% core (267.5-275) & 10-16% memory (366-~387).

    These are not hard & fast rules! The better the cooling *usually* the better the results. There are variables: the ns (nano second) speed of the memory (lower is *usually* better), the brand of memory, the driver & the oc methods used.

    I have achieved a 10% core increase & a 16% memory increase using Riva Tuner & the 28.32 Det driver on my VisionTek card w/6ns memory. I couldn't achieve those %ages w/GTU &/or any other driver & technically: that 6ns RAM shouldn't go that high. :grinthumb The fan I have blowing across the card, the Hi-cfm case exhaust fan, the 28.32 driver (say VERY stable) & the evident quality of the VisionTek memory allows what I have achieved. :cool:

    Not all cards are created equal, tho'. YMMV (your mileage may vary) :D I do *think* your in the 'safe' range, by the sound of things. When I have oc'd too high (oops) the card has locked up immediately.

  5. eveneannenevs

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    thanks, could it be possible for me to mount my own fan? if so... how do i go about doing that without damaging the core/memory? i just want to get the most out of it until i upgrade later on.
  6. JAV

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    Here's a handy little fan (quiet too) that fits a PCI bay. If your card is AGP & the AGP port is above the PCI slots: mount this in your top PCI bay & it will draw heat off the card & if your card is PCI: mount it under the card. You may have to move other cards down a slot & if you don't have enough slots/bays (check 1st) this won't work. ;)

    You *could* mount a CPU fan on the card, but where would it blow the heat & how much room would you have for a fan? I have a 92mm case fan blowing in the side of my open case hooked up to an external power supply. 43cfm. :cool: [below on right]

    There's a cooling & modding forum here. They can give more tech info, I do stuff $imple. One thing: keep non-magnetically sheilded fans away from the comp. :rolleyes:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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