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Dec 28, 2005
  1. I just finally had to say something. I have been perusing this page steadily for about a month. Many (including me) have posted, asking about the "best" video cards. Best PCI, best AGP. 4x, 8x, PCIe, PCIx16, or whatever. Obviously, the GeForce 7800 must be a good'un, but I've seen nobody recommend it. Too pricey? What? :confused:
  2. Sharkfood

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    The 7800-series is only available in PCI-Express, so it's automatically not going to be recommended to users of AGP systems.

    Also, the 7800GT/GTX is very pricey... between $350-$450 US. This is often times out of the price range of those inquiring.. or their entire system isn't even worth that much and would be better spent on other upgrades.

    Lastly, the 7800 series now has the X1800 series as a direct competitor. Both the X1800XL/XT and 7800GT/GTX make fantastic high-end 3d solutions for PCI-Express mainboard owners that have the budget to afford them.

    Most often, I see people in need of advice for mid to low end 3d upgrades- and I'd say the 6600GT gets recommended the most often here and abroad. The $100-$200 price range is what most people here are looking for as the "hardcore" gamers with bigger budgets generally hit other technical forums.
  3. Ruder

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    Which forums?

    The 7800GT is good performer - on par with the X850's. It is a pipeline limited version of the GTX for a better price point.

    Why not recommend it? Nobody asks. Most people here are not in that pricerange, and if you were you would go for the 6800 series in SLI or the GTX version.

    Personally I like the card i.t.o price vs performance. But then I am an ATI fan ... and would rather go for the X1800 series.
  4. Arcanum

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    7800GT is a great card, however, everytime someone asks for a card here, it's not in the high-end price range, so you don't see anybody recommending it.
    There's nothing wrong with it, just a bit pricey for a large majority of us here :(

    I'm not nVidia or ATi biased, but I have to say this - even X850XT PE isn't on par with 7800GT, no hard feelings.
    In 1024x768 it is on par (about 2-3% behind) with 7800GT, however, up the resolution to 1280x1024 which is a standard today, throw in AF and possibly some AA and it's left in the dust behind the 7800GT.
    Don't get me wrong, it's a great card, and I have only good things to say about x8x0 series, however, I couldn't say they are on par with GF7 series...
    Just showing that it can compete with such a powerful GPU earns my respect.
  5. Federelli

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    As the guys said, it's an expensive card and it's also PCI-e only.So it's not recommended as a mid-range card, since it's practically, the best there is.

    Check my ranking :). -->
  6. Ruder

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    Maybe look up some reviews on both ... the variances are in single digit percentages.

    Let's not start another ATI vs Nvidia argument, or a Linux vs Windows, or AMD vs Intel, or ....

    I just find that it helps when you have a NF chipset to use a NV card, and when you have VIA / Intel / Crossfire to use ATI.

    My liking of the cards have little to do with performance - NV has captured the market, therefore cuts a little on customer effort, ATI on the other hand makes a bit more effort and gives that little bit extra. Many well known review sites share my sentiment.
  7. truflip

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  8. David Alexandru

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    the card is presumed tu be the best....but it sure has a serious competitor....x1800....the x1800 has a higher clock speed....the highest clock speed
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