Generic driver for unknown webcam?

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May 4, 2004
  1. Someone gave me a USB webcam, that was lying around.
    There are no markings on it. It is a round silver plastic ball, mounted on a black support with 3 feet. The ball can turn left/right on its own axis and up/down in a groove, held inplace by a little screw. On the front, the lens is adjustable with a lip that points down and can move left/right. It is of a metallic blueish colour. On top of the ball is a triangular push-button, pointing towards the front. The "rear" of that triangle is rounded. Same colour as the lens-adjuster.

    When plugging it in a USB port, it identifies itself as "USB Camera" and a small green LED comes on, on the left of the lens, where the upper and lower halves of the ball meet.
    The black USB cable comes out on the rear directly opposite of the lens-opening.

    Opening it up, inside are markings on the octagonal (= 8-sided) circuit board: K37-62153-M2A VER 1.0
    The single chip says: SONIX SN9C102 02AWAA1

    Anyone know this webcam, or is there such a thing as a generic webcam driver?
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    Well it turns out someone is working on a generic driver for it ... for Linux.

    Doing a search on google with that sensor model brings back Linux related links for the most part.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    As it turns out, this is a cheapie as sold by "Argos", UK catalogue store stock id: 676/1147

    Also known as Webcam M6215

    I found working drivers for this webcam here:
    Under Drivers, select the file: JA000020 voor
    The installation is in English.
    After the driver install via "snphv71.inf" doubleclick on PCCamHv71_v2.0.0.0.exe to install the Windows app.

    Works like a charm
  4. dudhwa

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    I hav Adcom IC 100 webcam but I have not its driver you may help me, where I can download this driver
  5. palma

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