Google redirect solved after 8 steps. Back 10 mins later

By hcir
Dec 22, 2009
  1. Hi.

    I have had this google link redirect virus (as well as random pop-ups on trusted sites such as google homepage, facebook and wikipedia) for about ten days now and so far it has proved impossible to remove. Previously I have tried many different scans with mbam, sas, avira and online scanners etc and getting varied results. Sometimes they would comeback clean but more often than not they would be filled with trojans, backdoors, hijackers and the like.

    I found this site earlier today and completed the eight steps and after all the scans everything seemed to be working correctly. I went back onto firefox to test and all google links I clicked worked perfectly, so played on that for about ten minutes feeling rather pleased, opened up another firefox window to my google homepage and annoyingly got a pop-up. Tested the google search links again and sure enough they redirected me. Seems to be a very tricky virus to get rid of.

    Logs from the eight steps are attached. Any help on what to do next would be greatly appreciated.
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