GTX 690 slated for early May release?

By dividebyzero
Apr 21, 2012
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    Inpai and Sweclockers are both reporting that the GTX 690 is due to make an appearance. While it certainly won't be available in large quantities if recent history (GTX 590, HD 6990, HD 5970) is any indication, it's appearance could supply some clues to the state of Nvidia's GK104 yields and the current state of TSMC's 28nm HP process.
    If Nvidia are planning to launch the GTX 690 before AMD's own dual card (HD 7990), then Nvidia must be relatively confident of performance and not having be hobble the dual card too badly in comparison with a GTX 680 SLI solution. The vendor who launches first runs the risk of having the other manufacturer fine-tune their own product for a performance win in the all important benchmark wars

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