Hard drive stopped working

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got a new one, and decided to install a new graphics card at the same time. but when I start up the system I get no video. What am I overlooking? im running windows xp home with a e-geforce 6200. Do I need a boot disk?


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The thread is 'hard drive stopped working' and the your issue is about not having a display. What exactly is your issue?
I installed a new hard drive because the old one stopped working. When I turn on the pc i dont get any video on the monitor. do i need to start all the way from a boot disk because it is a new hard drive?


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What brand and model of hard drive.
Generally, you need to setup the drive, using the drive manufacturer's software if possible.
Otherwise, set it up by formatting the drive by changing your boot order, and booting to your Windows disk. Your Windows Disk will give you the option to Partition the drive. So do that first.
Then you will have the choice to Format the Drive. Do NOT SELECT (Quick Format) as that is only to remove files on drives already formatted.
Select the full format, and wait, and wait, and wait. A full format can take 40 to 90 minutes depending on the size of the drive.
At the end of format, Windows will automatically install.
If you went through those exercises, and the problem is only with the video graphics card, use the disc that came with the GeForce 6200 to install the video card drivers. If you are totally black, reboot in <SAFE MODE> by pressing the <F8> key repeatedly once per second until SAFE MODE boots. If the screen remains blank, there is something wrong with the way you installed the video card, or it is defective. You should get a low resolution screen in black and white... from which you can test your other options as described in the GeForce disk.
Check the video cable from the monitor is plugged into the video card jack. Usually the new video card has its own (blue) jack, and your monitor may still be connected to the original.
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