Having a problem selecting a card for my Vaio.. help!

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Aug 28, 2005
  1. Hey guys I own a Sony Vaio PCV-RS430G and Im having a problem selecting a video card upgrade. It came with a Radeon 9200 pro which I upgraded to a XFX 6600. Unfortunatly, the newbie in me was revealed when I learned that I needed to hook it up to external power. Of course, the cheapos at Sony only gave a 300W power supply, and with everything else running, my poor card overheats. Im starting to build my own computer soon but untill then I need a decent card that isnt too hungry for power. I need something good for games, but I dont need super cutting edge graphics. Im currently playing HL2, CS: Source, and Dungeon Siege 2. Thanks in advance guys.

  2. Rik

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    If you just want to solve the overheating issue then id highly recommend a slot cooler, they are cheap and effective. If you want a new card then the ATI radeon 9550 is a good and not too expensive card (i use one myself and have no problems with it at all).

    Hope that helps. Rik.
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    Thanks for the reply. A slot cooler? Jesus, I am a newb. What is that? Guess Ill google it. If you dont mind me asking, what kind of games do you play with that card? Like, any performance issues with newer games? Let me know, and thanks again. :)
  4. Vigilante

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    A 9550 will play your games, just maybe some games not at the highest of settings. I might go a step further and get maybe a 9600 Pro or a 9800.
    Hey rik, does your 9550 support DX9? Cause I remember reading that DX9 is only in the 9600 or better. Though the 9550 came out after. Maybe it does. I don't know. But you aught to get a card that supports DX9 and Hardware T&L. Minimum for todays games.

    And also, 300w PS or not, you NEED to plug in that extra power connector. Even if you have to get a splitter.

    And a slot cooler is just a type of fan that goes in the case, there are many kinds. You want a fan that screws in to a "slot" below your video card and blows UP onto it. Some of these fans only suck air and exhaust. But you should be able to find one that blows air as well.

  5. Rik

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    Here is an example of a slot cooler at http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/prod...2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=60457

    I dont play many games on my pc as I now have an xbox but there are a few game i do play on my pc as i dont have the xbox version, like, Doom3, Need for Speed Underground 2, GTA San Andreas, and Warhammer 40k Dawn of War. I tend to stick to a resolution of 800 x 600 as they all play and look pretty good.
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