Having problems...either DirectX or ATI related, need help!

By Sim Racer
Aug 19, 2006
  1. Hello,

    I tried something stupid the other day. I have a newer computer (Dell, P4, XP Media Center) and I tried installing "Nascar Revolution" by EA Sports (yeah, from 1999). I believe the game installed DirectX 6.0 on my pc so I've gone back to Microsoft's website and downloaded all the updated versions of DirectX that were available for XP Media Center. Now, whenever I try to launch any other game such as NR 2002 or a DVD from the Media Center they will not work. I can see the intro video on the Papy games but once the intro is over the game just shuts down and I'm taken back to the desktop. I am out of ideas. Does any one have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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