Having some problems with my usb flash drive

By Philrup
Sep 21, 2007
  1. I tried looking for something that would help me out with search, tried most of the suggested things, but I couldn't find anything that fixed my particular problem.

    I recently went out and bought a 4GB sandisk cruzer micro that is U3 smart. I have never used a sandisk product, let alone this U3 program. When ever I put the flash drive into one of my ports, a window pops up for the U3 program and starts an initializing process and once it reaches a certain point in the initializing process, my computer locks up and i have to shutdown my computer and remove the drive. I've tried using it in another computer and it works fine.

    Can anyone help me out with my canundrum?
  2. Tedster

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    bad move. 1. Sandisc is an unreliable brand. Hundreds have posted problems with it here on TS. 2. U3 is also problematic. Reformat the drive and start over. You will need to do this from disc management in the control panel.
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    IF the drive does not work and states that it needs to be formatted. Go to sandisks web site downloads and they have a U3 removal tool once you delete U3 the drive works choose option 2 to format the drive, all data will be lost but the drive will work again.
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