Help Please!! Blue screen

By nobodysktr
Nov 26, 2007
  1. ok i came home from a trip and i left my computer running while i was gone turned on my monitor and my mcaffee gave me the old " you must restart to finish installing updates" so i restarted but during the boot up i was hit with a blue screen with error message 0x0000007e i booted up in safe mode to see what i could do thats where i discovered i had no sound so i went to my control panel and my sounds and audio devices menu says "no audio device" even though i have an onboard and a pci soundcard installed i have tried the patch for service pack two (btw i am running a dell dimension 4700 with windows xp home service pack 2 and 2 Gb of ram) but it didnt work i have also restored to the earliest time available and run many registry cleaners. for some reason in safe mode i cannot run mcaffee security center i click the exe but it opens and then closes really fast please someone help me i really need my computer back asap. any help appreciated thanks in advance
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