By jannah
Feb 23, 2005
  1. Hi. I have a REALLY major prob. I was using my comp and all of a sudden the stupid thing started restarting. So i was like okkk maybe somethin happand no big deal. Well it restarted and after the "STARTING WINDOWS" screen was finished, it went to this blue screen saying something about "THE DYNAMIC LINK TO THE LIBRARY.. default?" it went really fast i couldnt catch it. I would jus like a way to fix my comp and if its not fixable and i have to do a reinstall (WHICH I REALLY DONT WANNA DO) thats fine. But i have a bunch of things i wanna get to like favorites, music etc. Is there any wayy i can go into my harddrive from another compter and take it out? Please help im a newbee in computer stuff :dead: Thanks SO much
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    Well you can certianly take the HDD out and put it into another PC setup as a slave drive. Then you will be able to access it from the other PC, but will not be able to boot to it. This way you can save all of your information to a CDR or DVDR or whatever. Then if you absolutely have to you can put the HDD back into your computer and format. But I'd wait to see if anyone has any suggestions first :p

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