Help with CPU/Mobo compatibility

Jun 10, 2008
  1. Currently using a Pentium4 3GHz (Stock) CPU
    Intel Augsburg D915GAG (Stock) Motherboard
    2.5GB RAM
    EVGA 8800GT

    Of course im considering in upgrading into a DUAL-CORE cpu to get more outta my GPU, but will i also have to get new RAM/MOTHERBOARD? or can i just get a dual core that will work with my MOBO?

    Here are the specs for my mobo chipset:

    Says its "LGA775" Socket which should support any C2D out there cause they all have LGA775 sockets.

    Shows that the Intel 915GAG has a 800/533 MHz system bus. As almost all of the DualCores/C2D's have 1000+MHz FSB.

    Ive found two C2Duos the E4600 and the E4500 that are running @ 800FSB - LGA775. (link below)

    Does this mean it would be compatible with my MOBO so i wouldnt have to buy new RAM/MOBO to go with the CPU?

    Thinking my only option to get a C2D would have to get a new MOBO and RAM also, but now im not to sure if i need to. Would be great if i wouldnt need to and still grab the E4500-4600. Would still be twice as better than my current P4 right, without spending extra for new MOBO+RAM.
  2. Spyder_1386

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    Hey TPK

    My advice...... sell the old pc - motherboard, processor and all - and get a new motherboard and RAM when purchasing the Dual Core..... This should avoid any compatibility issues you might encounter....

    Spyder_1386 :)
  3. captaincranky

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    I doubt if a GAG915 could be made to run a C2D successfully. Acually the starting point is the 945 chipset and then only the later ones. Most if not all the 915s I think are 32 bit BIOS and as such they won't even run a later Celeron (mostly Cedar Mill #s) due to the EMT64 technology.
    Actually I'm certain a GAG915 is a 32 bit board, since I own one.
  4. TPK

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