HP Compaq Nx6110 Laptop Problem

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Apr 3, 2007
  1. I have a BIG problem with my laptop, it doesnt load my operating system! :dead:

    I have a 100GB hard drive in my laptop and it was working perfectly fine until a blue screen came up and turned my laptop off!!

    I turned it back on and it came up with a message saying:

    ''non-system disk or disk error; Replace and strike any key when ready''

    Before that, I upgrade the RAM from 256MB to 2GB. The RAM themselves had a test and showed no problem at all.

    When I did go into bios, it didnt give me an option where my laptop hard drive could do a self test, when it should have.

    So i decided to buy a new hard drive which was 160GB seagate.

    I put it into my laptop and had my Windows XP CD ready to put into my CD drive to install.

    BUT...........the same message came up ''non-system disk or disk error; Replace and strike any key when ready'' and didnt read my CD.

    It keeps doing it now and doesn't read anything from the CD

    SOMEONE PLEASE...............HELP!!!..................!!!!

    Does anyone know what I am talking about? If so, please help.

  2. Tedster

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    1. Read the installing ram guide in the guides forum.
    2. Your hard drive has perhaps become unseated, reseat.
    3. worst case scenario, your hard drive has failed.
    4. Try booting without the new ram. If it boots, your ram is incompatible.
    5. Once booted fix the registry with crap cleaner.
  3. highq

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    i have the same problem and have no idea of how to solve it =( if anyone know plz help..
  4. kimsland

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    Hi highq and welcome to TechSpot,

    It is advisable for you to make your own post.

    This will avoid a reply which may be meant for the other member. Which may in fact cause issues for you.

    Please go Here, and select the correct forum to post your problem in.
  5. firewalker5000

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    Did you manage to get this fixed? IF not, let me know, I have some ideas for you
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